We reinvent the way we learn to change the society we live in. 

Our vision is a world in which education is the foundation of a just, inclusive and thriving society.


We believe in democracy as a way forward to ensure that the world becomes a better place.

True Democracy

True democracy happens through active participation.

Human Rights

Human Rights are the basis of a society in which happiness can become a birth right.


Human Rights are the foundation stones of equity, participation, dialogue and common action.


What we teach today reflects is kind of society we want to live in in the future.


Mindful education allows for the conscious development of learners’ competences: instructionally smart and socially savvy.


In a world which seems to be increasingly dominated by chaos, change is the only constant.


Learning can be a blow to one’s self-esteem, that’s why we learn to change and change to learn.

Why Learn to Change?

Learn to Change is a non governmental organisation. Our strength is our members. L2C is about each of us, as educators, as life-long learners, as teachers, as parents, as social, political and cultural actors who care and can act for change in education, and learning the social good.  Our actions support the development of the whole person, excellence within a frame of social justice and creative human emancipation.

  • L2C promotes individual personal growth.
  • L2C supports professional development with a focus on change.
  • L2C strives for transformation in educational practice worldwide.
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We believe in the power of education to promote change in society.

The Challenge for Educators

In an increasingly complex world in which more or less radical changes take place at all levels of social life, we believe that we need to re-think education. The sustainability of the objectives and content of education have to be put to the test; teachers’ roles, the teaching process and school as a learning organization must be reconsidered.

In April 2014, we co-authored and adopted a Manifesto: ‘Education for Change – Change for Education’ that calls for an important change of mind-sets, of policies and practices. We stress the importance of education for preparing our youth and adults for a life as democratic citizens in diverse democratic societies, for their future in a global workforce and for the development of their personality. We focus on the implications this has for the image and ethos of the teaching profession and other educators.  We act to support the development of the values and competences that all educators need in their day-to-day practices to answer the challenges that lie ahead.

Learn to Change provides a learning community to develop individual and collective potential to co-create and participate in a sustainable, open and peaceful society.
We place the human relationship at the center of all learning, building the conditions for meaningful learning in safe learning environments.
We promote educational transformation through consultancy, training courses, workshops, coaching, conferences and publications.
We guarantee a transformative experience that generates conditions for sustained personal and professional growth leading to change.

Many  teachers entering the profession today will be teaching in 2050 and beyond. 

Competences for Democratic Culture

Council of EuropeThe book presents a new conceptual model of competences which citizens require to participate in democratic culture and live peacefully together with others in culturally diverse societies.

The model provides a robust conceptual foundation for the future development of curricula, pedagogies and assessments in democratic citizenship and human rights education and it forms the first component of a new Council of Europe reference framework of competences for democratic culture.

The Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture was launched at the Conference of Ministers of Education, held in Brussels on 11 and 12 April 2016.

In line with the Council of Europe Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic CultureTASKs for Democracy is a resource book developed for teachers and teacher-trainers in need of practical tools to develop democratic competences at educational institutions.

It aims to:

  • support teachers’ and teach educators’ professional development
  • empower practitioners to use the Competences for Democratic Culture’s framework in their everyday practice

The book offers 60 activities and a list of I-statements as a tool to implement the competences and help teachers to incorporate the values, attitudes, skills, knowledge and understandings necessary for democratic competences into the teaching and learning process.

The activities described in this resource book as well as the list of I-statements were written, tried out and revised by the members of the Pestalozzi Community of Practice in several European countries.


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