Charlot Cassar

I am a primary school principal in Malta, with over 20 years’ experience working in education, in different settings and contexts.

I am extremely passionate about the educational experience and the role that we play as persons in teaching.

I am particularly interested in non-formal education and am a firm believer in the notion that who we are has much to do with the pedagogy that we bring to and the climate that we create within the school and classroom context. I started my career as a Fine Arts teacher and then shifted my attention to informal education, educational management and administration and teacher training. The Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe, in which I have been involved since  2007 to start with as a participant, then as a moderator for the online Community of Practice, trainer and editor,  has been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional development to date. I am committed to the development of schools as professional communities of learning that strive to make the school experience a truly meaningful one for all concerned. I believe in creating safe and fun learning environments in which the development and well-being of stakeholders is paramount. I am a strong advocate for the personal and professional development of educators in training, positing self-reflection and the realisation of our formidable power as “persons in teaching” as key ingredients in developing action for change. I am also particularly interested in the use of social media in education, education for the prevention of crimes against humanity, intercultural education, cooperative learning and anything fun.


  • Social Media and Responsible Online Behaviour
  • Education for Prevention of Crimes against Humanity
  • Informal and Non-Formal Education
  • School Leadership
  • Intercultural Comeptence
  • Art Education


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