Miloš Jeremić

My professional engagement as a philosophy teacher has  dramatically changed since 2008, when I started to explore innovative practices in education connected with critical thinking. Everyday practice and self-reflection enabled me to develop my personal teaching style with students and teachers. I have practiced European countries and Iran. I am also the author of a textbook on the subject of Philosophy,  a manual for philosophy teachers based on UNESCO’s recommendation for philosophy teaching in Europe and North America. The most important moment in my teaching career has been my engagement in the Pestalozzi Programme for education professionals of the Council of Europe in 2014. Since then my teaching style became more holistic and connected with cooperative learning.


  • Socratic Method
  • Philosophy with Children
  • Project Based Learning
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Teachers’ Professional Development



What are tests good for?

Tests, whether standardized or not, remain increasingly popular and in spite of lip service arguing differently, in many instances, they continue to be the main form of assessment in the majority of educational settings. But what do tests really do?

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