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  • Teachers’ Manifesto

    The Manifesto: Education for Change - Change for Education of the Council of Europe is a message from practitioners to other practitioners and to policy makers. L2C stands to put this manifesto in practice.

  • Official Statutes

    Our complete Official Statutes sets out, amongst others, our singular democratic decision-making processes.

  • Charter

    Our Charter sets out our values for constructive communication and cooperation.

We offer services to suit your needs.

Our coaching and training courses, place you, the participant, at the centre.

We will help you pitch your own practices and beliefs against your own core values in order for you to understand how these values drive your own practice.  At the same time, we support the development of democratic cultures within groups, organizations and institutions for individuals to act together for creativity, cooperation and mindful production.

Our focus is on education in its broadest terms, as preparation for life as active citizens in modern, complex and democratic societies, alongside personal development. We focus learning on identity, values, and co-construction of practice. Our methods develop pro-social and cooperative practices that are useful in all walks of life, in schools, in the workplace and in other social situations alike.

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Blended Learning

We use blended learning approaches: online collaboration for improvement in the workplace.


L2C courses can be certified and may be incorporated within national accreditation and re-accreditation schemes.

Safe Environment

We foster safe learning environments as we challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone.


We nurture mutual respect and understanding, promoting partnerships and friendships across borders.
I so loved your class, I am so glad I choose it. It was perfect. There was a lot of transformation in me. I go home as a more authentic person and a new teacher.
MPR, Luxembourg
Thank you so much for all the effort, energy and preparation you put into this course; for the way you led the course – with professionalism, patience, humour and spirit.
GM, Hungary