Alessandro Soriani

I am working on a PhD, between Paris (Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Bologna (Department of Education), about the influence of virtual social spaces on the school’s relations and class climate. My experience as facilitator started in in 2008 when I started to work in the field of youth participation and in European Projects for youngsters and youthworkers. Since then I’ve been involved in others European training events within the framework of the EU (Youth in Action and Erasmus plus) and Council of Europe (Pestalozzi Programme, Education Programme).

In my activities, I like to create, with the participants, a strong significant and joyful connection and put the whole group, included me, in the condition to question their preconceptions, beliefs and actions in order to “facilitate” a self-reflection process.

I like to think that if one activity does not put you outside your “comfort zone” then it’s not the right one.


  • Media Education
  • Youth Participation
  • Social Media
  • E-Comeptences
  • Digital Citizenship



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