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School. Power. Democracy.

One of our members, Marta Viñes Jimeno, together with one of her students, Philine Schwering-Kühl, has been invited to participate in the Forum of the German School Academy that will be held in Berlin on 25 and 26. November 2019. Marta will hold a practical session about how project-based learning fosters the acquisition of competences for building democracy together in a digital context, showing concrete examples from her class in the session.

The central questions that will be addressed during the session include:

  • What about democracy?
  • What role does the school play in democracy?
  • How must school be designed to work against the current anti-democratic tendencies in society?
  • What problems exist in our schools with regard to the promotion of democratic competences?
  • Which concept of learning and performance is based on concepts of “learning democracy”?
  • What does “democracy” mean for teaching as well as for the design of teaching and learning processes?

The two-day nationwide forum targets educators from all types of schools, including representatives from science, education and teacher training institutions.

Democracy Fair

Learn to Change in cooperation with the Stadtteilschule Winterhude (WiR) is invited to present and facilitate at the “Democracy Fair”/“Demokratiemesse” Conference in Hamburg, Germany, 19-20 June 2019, hosted by the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung in Hamburg (Public Centre for Civic Education (Patriotische Gesellschaft, Trostbrücke 4-6)!

The event offers a forum where children and adolescents, young and older adults can discuss current issues and issues of political education together. What political questions interest young people and young adults? What do they want to know? What possibilities exist to promote democratic participation and engagement, to shape politics and society together?

The Democracy Fair features an extensive programme of interviews, podium discussions, podcasts, graphic recordings, business games and exhibitions. The two-day forum provides information on the opportunities and possibilities of democratic participation – whether analogue or digital – with the project market and during the workshops on various projects of Hamburg educational institutions.

The students of the Stadtteilschule Winterhude (WiR) will hold three panels in an open session on gender discrimination in everyday life, the EU and what’s up to me? and on press freedom.

L2C will hold a workshop by Marta Viñes Jimeno, teacher at WiR and active member of L2C, supported by students of the WiR, on Competences for Democracy as key factor for a successful democratic culture. We will use the Cards for Democracy. Let’s play!

Check the programme here: or visit the website for more information. 

Education, Citizenship, World

Learn to Change is invited to present and facilitate at the “Education, Citizenship, World: What school for what society?” conference in Lisbon, Portugal, 28-29 June 2019.

The conference will gather education professionals, Council of Europe and international experts around the topic. L2C will hold a keynote, by Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard, on The Role of Education and the challenges in a globalized World and a workshop on Cross-curriculum skills: a never-finished work.

For more information please consult the conference programme. 

Sociocracy Online Conference

L2C is participating in the Sociocracy Online Conference 2019 on May 2, all day!

  • How do we make decisions together?
  • Who decides what?
  • How do we make sure everyone is heard?

Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard will be speaking; hear her talk about how we use #sociocracy for democratic decision-making.  #openspace online all day! A day of sharing, learning and connection, 20 organizations, 5 inspirational speakers.

Check out the conference website for more details.

Teachers’ Professional Development through Communities of Practice

L2C is presenting in a conference on the topic of teachers’ professional development through communities of practice. This event is organised by Strasbourg Eurometropole at the European Parliament on 25 and 26 April 2019 and aims to deepen reflections on decentralised cooperation between French and African partners. Click here for more details. 

School Education Gateway Webinars

Over the past months L2C has been invited several times to provide webinars for the School Education Gateway on Citizenship Education and Education for Democracy. Recordings can be found online:

AFS Global Conference 2018

Ildikó Lázár’s used L2C’s Cards for Democracy in a workshop with educators on Community building at school for global competence development in Budapest at the AFS global conference focusing on “Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsiblity” on September 26-28th 2018. Global competence is tested worldwide by OECD-PISA as of 2018.

The 2018 AFS Global Conference brought together leaders across sectors to set a global competence agenda for preparing students, educators, volunteers and employees with the intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Partners of AFS Intercultural Programs for the 2018 AFS Global Conference were the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), Yidan Prize Foundation, Teach for All, World Bank, and the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE).

The inaugural AFS Global Conference provided the first-of-its-kind opportunity for real alignment and cooperation among all sectors that have the need and the resources to develop global competence in classrooms, lecture halls and all learning and training environments that extend beyond formal education.

Transformational Crossroads

Learn to Change was present at a United World College short course organised in Malta in July 2018. In a workshop organised by Charlot Cassar, the young participants engaged in reflection on the competences they need to develop to become active democratic citizens that live the values that they believe in using the Cards for Democracy for all.